09 Nov Call for Volunteers – The Seattle Urban Carnivore Project on Bainbridge Island

About the Project Urban spaces and the suburbs that sprawl around them are growing worldwide, pushing some carnivore species into more remote regions, while forcing others to adapt to higher human densities. Increasing contact between humans and carnivores potentially leads to more human-carnivore interactions and increased concerns about risks to humans, whether real or perceived. The continued survival of urban carnivore populations, as well as a sense of security for the public, requires an increased understanding of, and coexistence with, these species. Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle University have launched a project to explore how mammalian carnivores, such as coyotes, foxes, raccoons, bobcats, and even cougars and bears live and interact with people across urban and suburban areas in the Seattle region, and beyond. Call for Volunteers Since 2021, Bainbridge Island Land Trust has participated in this exciting initiative with volunteer-run camera traps on 3 of our preserves. This program contributes toward the knowledge base the Land Trust has been building from camera trapping since 2015, helping us to better understand the use of our Island habitats by wildlife. And we need your help! We’re currently recruiting volunteers to help carry out this project, allowing us to participate in the Seattle Urban Carnivore Project as well as to continue the Land Trust's efforts to increase our knowledge of all local wildlife species - from squirrels to bears. If you’re interested, please read the assignment descriptions, decide on a role in which you would like to participate, and fill out the form below. Please note that we are currently recruiting field volunteers who are comfortable checking our camera traps in teams of three while following current social-distancing protocols. We hope to soon announce volunteer opportunities for this project that will allow remote participation. For complete descriptions of the volunteer roles needed, please...

06 Nov Support the Current Effort to Expand Ted Olson Nature Preserve!

The Current Opportunity This exciting opportunity helps expand the current Ted Olson Nature Preserve – a beloved public space featuring towering conifers as well as mature wetland features. With nearly two acres of mixed alder and conifer forest and a native plant understory featuring salmonberry, salal, fern, skunk cabbage, and more, these additional acres protect portions of a larger wetland complex and build upon an existing wildlife network in the vicinity. Additionally, these acres will serve as a buffer to the Ted Olson conservation easement and trail network. Why now? If not protected now, the current owner is planning to sell the property, likely for development. The property owner has agreed to delay listing the property for a limited time to let the Friends of Ted Olson Nature Preserve and the Bainbridge Island Land Trust find a path – in the near term – to acquire these lands, protect them, and add them to the Ted Olson Nature Preserve. How can I help out? To support the current effort to expand the Ted Olson Nature Preserve click here!


03 Sep Thanks to Your Support, We’ve Met Our Challenge!

Because of conservation-minded Islanders like yourself, we’ve met our Challenge to secure $2 million in new funding for habitat protection. Thanks to your efforts, the Stand for the Land campaign has permanently safeguarded four spectacular properties, totaling 66 acres. But we’re not done yet. Now, with your continued support, we’ll purchase the fifth and final Stand for the Land property – a true Island treasure. The newly proposed preserve is home to an array of bird and animal species and provides a desperately needed ecological link between other critical habitat areas. Stay tuned for an announcement on the property over the coming week, and keep your eyes out for a sneak-peek view of this spectacular habitat.


25 Aug Looking for ‘Easy-Does-It’ Hikes from Walks on Bainbridge?

Are you looking for an ‘easy’ walk on the Island but still want to take in the amazing sights and sounds of our natural areas? Download this short guide to accompany your new copy of Walks on Bainbridge by clicking here. The ‘Easy-Does-It’ guide is a perfect companion for Walks on Bainbridge, containing recommendations that are perfect for those who wish to avoid steep hills and strenuous trails. You can pick up a copy of Walks on Bainbridge, by Dave and Alice Shorett, at Eagle Harbor Book Company, Bay Hay and Feed, Wildernest, and Dana’s Showhouse. All proceeds support the Land Trust.


02 Jul A Sneak Peek of the Third Edition of Walks on Bainbridge!

Get out onto the Island’s beautiful trails with a sneak peek of the all-new edition of Walks on Bainbridge! The Third Edition of Walks on Bainbridge is an all-color guide featuring 30 walks on Bainbridge Island. Each walk features detailed maps and instructions, so don’t miss your chance to preview the favorite guidebook of Islanders alike!  The new edition is now available at Eagle Harbor Book Company, Wildernest, Bay Hay & Feed, Dana’s Showhouse, and the Land Trust office for $14.95!   To download your sneak peek, click here. 


10 Jun Nature and Communities of all Backgrounds, Flourish, Together

The Bainbridge Island Land Trust works to preserve and steward the diverse natural environment of our Island, for the benefit of all. Acts of racism, discrimination, and brutality work against our mission. We fundamentally believe that nature and communities of all colors and backgrounds, flourish, together.*   *This statement was originally published on the Land Trust’s social media channels on June 2nd and can be found here.


20 Apr Bringing Nature to You

The Land Trust is excited to provide new ways to bring the wonders of our Island’s natural world to you, virtually. We welcome you to explore our Bringing Nature to You page, a webpage designed to provide you with interactive materials, resources, and activities that bring the natural wonders of our Island to your homes.  


17 Mar Bainbridge Island Land Trust and COVID-19: We’re all in this together.

Dear Supporters of the Land Trust, Your health and the safety of our community are vital to the work of the Land Trust, as is, of course, our staff.  While work of the Land Trust continues, to help protect all our health, we have made the decision for Land Trust staff to work remotely at this time. If you need to get in contact with us call or email, we are still working!  Updates on reopening the office to the public will be determined by following specific guidelines set out by local and state leaders. Regrettably, we have canceled all upcoming public group tours of the new Springbrook Creek Preserve and other properties out of an abundance of caution.  But you can take a virtual tour by clicking below: Springbrook Creek Preserve Virtual Tour Miller-Kirkman Preserve Virtual Tour Our community is extremely lucky to have joined together for over 30 years to protect more than 1,400 acres of natural places on the Island. Natural spaces you’ve helped us protect provide a refreshing break from self-isolation or social-distancing. We encourage you to get outside and spend some time connecting with nature. Try visits to Agate Passage Preserve, Pritchard Park, the Grand Forest, or Gazzam Lake Nature Preserve, all properties that the Land Trust has helped conserve and are currently open for independent public access.  We’re all in this together. If you need help with anything, please reach out to us. Additionally, Bainbridge Prepares has created an online resource to request assistance and information specifically for our Island relating to the COVID-19 response. We thank each and every one of you for your steadfast and ongoing dedication, support, and leadership. In these challenging times, remember, a stroll in the woods or a beach walk can provide us all with calming relief to boost both physical and mental health. Be…


01 Oct Impacts of Proposed Day Road Roundabout

For over a year, the Bainbridge Island Land Trust (Land Trust) has been aware of and has been working diligently to address the Washington Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT) plans to construct a roundabout at the corner of State Route 305 and Day Road.  The Land Trust holds a conservation easement – our first one – on nearly 24 acres in the vicinity of this project.


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