June 2022

21 Jun Take a Walk on the Beach: Tips for Exploring at Low Tide

 An Ochre sea star exposed at low tide by Sue Larkin Last week, Puget Sound had its lowest tides in 13 years! If you missed them, don’t worry – they’ll return again in July. Low tides and summer sun make for a perfect day of exploring the shorelines of Bainbridge Island. We recommend checking out Rockaway Beach Park, Agate Passage Preserve, Hawley Cove Park, and Pritchard Park. The Land Trust had a hand in protecting all of these incredible public access beaches! Remember to practice good beach etiquette when exploring at the beach! Here are a few tips to make sure you’re taking care of all of the creatures you’ll see at low tide: Watch your step! There are creatures of all sizes all around you, including under your feet. Do your best to step only on hard or clear surfaces. If there are patches of eelgrass, walk around them instead of through them – many animals seek shelter in eelgrass. Leave no trace. Leave shells at the beach, they act as homes for many creatures. Always replace rocks if you move them. Only turn over rocks that you can lift with one hand, and do so gently. Many creatures survive or hide by clinging to the underside of rocks. Leaving a rock upturned leaves them exposed and vulnerable. Pick up trash! On any walk, it’s always nice to carry a small bag and pick up trash that you find for proper disposal. Only touch animals you find on the beach with one finger. Wet your finger with salt water before doing so, and be gentle. Refrain from picking them up. Happy exploring! A sea lemon (a type of sea slug) in a tidepool by Lexi Wagor Want to share photos and stories of your low tide adventures? Email them to Lexi at…