June 2023

15 Jun Exciting Changes Coming to Springbrook Creek Preserve!

We are excited to announce major developments at Springbrook Creek Preserve over the next few months. Our goal of enhancing the wetlands, stream, meadow, and forest habitats on this 23-acre conservation land is well underway. After extensive planning and preparation, we are now entering the construction phase to remove a full fish passage barrier on Springbrook Creek. We will be installing a 30-foot pedestrian bridge over the stream, allowing the creek to flow freely and creating vital fish rearing habitat. This bridge will also provide public access across the stream. We are grateful to our neighbors Jeff Glanzrock and Kathy Levine who have been instrumental in moving this process forward. In preparation for the construction, you will soon notice changes near the Preserve. The Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) will be removing the old creosote and wire fence along Fletcher Bay Road. We will temporarily replace it with an orange construction fence, ensuring public safety during this period. Once all construction is complete, the orange fencing will be replaced with a split rail fence. WCC is also supporting our ongoing efforts to control invasive plants and enhance meadow, wetland, and riparian habitats. They will also assist with trail work to prepare for future public access. These initiatives reflect our commitment to conserving and restoring our local watersheds through our Watershed Initiative. Due to these ongoing activities, the preserve remains closed to public access. However, we are working towards providing the public with opportunities to enjoy this remarkable place soon. Until then, you can sign up for a guided tour to visit the property.