May 2021

21 May Using Cameras to Better Understand Bainbridge Island Wildlife: Recorded Presentation

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the presentation! You can now view a full recording of the event by clicking the image, below. Since 2015, the Bainbridge Island Land Trust has used remote cameras, also known as “camera traps,” to better understand wildlife occurrence and behavior on our Island, and has utilized these insights in management plans for our lands. In 2020, the Land Trust was awarded a grant by the Bainbridge Community Foundation to expand the community’s involvement in this effort and to expand Woodland Park Zoo’s Seattle Urban Carnivore Project onto Bainbridge Island. Over the past year, with guidance from Woodland Park Zoo, Land Trust volunteers have been engaged in camera trap efforts across three properties. In this community presentation, we discuss how the insights gained from camera trapping can help us to appreciate and maintain our Island’s wildlife, with practical tips for coexisting with carnivores, in particular. We also let you know how you can participate in these camera trapping efforts.