Map of Protected Spaces

The Land Trust holds conservation easements on both private and public properties, but does not own this land – ownership remains with the landowner. Private conservation easements are not open to the public, but occasionally, with landowner permission, we have events and programs that include property tours. Public conservation easements include Hilltop, Meigs Park and Farm, the Gazzam Lake Preserve and the Peters Tree Farm addition, and the Kallgren addition to the Ted Olson Nature Preserve. These properties total 462 acres of public lands under conservation easement.

The Land Trust owns 7 properties — the 20-acre Wildlife Corridor and the 15-acre Wildlife Corridor Expansion, the 19-acre Heart of the Forest adjacent to the Grand Forest, and 2 other small donated parcels. In December 2012, we purchased the 11.87-acre Agate Pass Preserve and in 2015, the Land Trust began a capital campaign to Make the Grand Forest Grander with the purchase of 30 more acres in the Grand Forest. In 2017, the Land Trust secured the opportunity to purchase over 14 more acres in the Gazzam Lake area. Stay tuned to learn more about this latest acquisition project!

Protected Lands

Click on a pin below, for more information. Due to landowner preferences not all 41 private conservation easements are shown.

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