Cougar Creek Preserve


Cougar Creek Preserve

A new opportunity with very old roots.

Looking for big reasons to support the Land Trust’s ambitious Stand for the Land campaign? Look no further. The gorgeous 15-acre Cougar Creek property above Eagle Harbor is home to some of the largest and most magnificent western red cedar trees on the Island and sits in close proximity to other Land Trust protected properties. A flowing stream and serene pond enhance the undisturbed forest habitat. This property includes a public access trail.

As described by a Land Trust volunteer who recently toured the Cougar Creek property: “The parcel feels remote and even bigger than it is: big logs, dense undergrowth (native, not invasives!), and huge 5 and 6-foot diameter red cedar and western hemlock trees. On the property, I savored a true, natural Northwest forest, undisturbed for a long time.The property contains some of the largest trees on Bainbridge Island and an undisturbed garden of deer ferns. In the stream bottom area is an extensive grove of large western red cedar, and nestled in its heart is a big garden of solid deer ferns, something I haven’t seen elsewhere on the Island. Put all this together with the stream, pond, and wetlands that characterize the property, and you have a parcel that contains a lot of diversity and feels big and wild.”

Acres Protected

15.35 acres

Conservation Features
  • Undeveloped forest habitat
  • Wetlands
  • Seasonal stream
  • Proximity to previously protected lands

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Land Trust Owned, Stand for the Land

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