The Bainbridge Island Land Trust was started in 1989 by Nate Thomas and Jim Cutler, both architects, Mike Ryherd, a state lobbyist, and Paul Kundtz, an attorney. This group and others were concerned about growth on Bainbridge Island and established the Land Trust to provide a way for landowners to permanently preserve their property.

The 23-acre property at the corner of Highway 305 and Day Road was originally slated to become a golf driving range. In 1990, the Land Trust acquired the property and sold it to a conservation-minded buyer who placed a conservation easement on the parcel, protecting the scenic rolling hills and meadows we enjoy today. Shortly thereafter, Phyllis Young placed a conservation easement on her Battle Point Spit property, making it the Land Trust’s second easement and protecting a marine estuary and important shoreline habitat.

Land Trust Accomplishments
To date, the Land Trust has helped to protect nearly 1,400 acres of vulnerable forestlands, wetlands, meadows, shorelines, agricultural lands, scenic vistas, and land near lakes, ponds and streams. Over 1,000 of these acres are preserved as public parks and natural areas. The Land Trust holds 48 conservation easements – 42 on private property and 6 on publicly-owned properties – encompassing 763 acres, with an additional 146 acres owned by the Land Trust outright.

Natural Bainbridge

Natural Bainbridge is an engaging and beautiful new book that beckons us to explore and safeguard our exquisite preserves, protected spaces, and parks.

Produced by a small volunteer team of longtime Land Trust supporters, this publication contains 48 full-color pages packed with original illustrations, images by island photographers, and quotes from local authors. And, a lively narrative provides insights into our shoreline, stream, wetland, and forest habitats.

$19.95 – Available now at Eagle Harbor Book Co.

Walks on Bainbridge

The Third Edition of Walks on Bainbridge, the Island’s favorite guide for exploring the beautiful protected lands of Bainbridge Island is now out— with 30 walks on our over forty miles of trails and our quiet backroads!

This edition has all new color maps (with topo lines!) to plan adventures like the Cross-Island and the Eagle Harbor to Fort Ward routes. Photos show the character of each walk, and side tabs help you quickly find the perfect walk with key walk features like length, difficulty, shore access and more.

Maps also clearly show parking areas and toilet facilities.

Walks on Bainbridge is available for $14.95 at Eagle Harbor Book Co., Wildernest, Bay Hay & Feed, and Dana’s on Bainbridge.