Meigs Farm & Park


Meigs Park & Farm

In 1992, the Land Trust helped to negotiate the acquisition of the 67-acre Meigs Park. Working with the landowner and our partners at the Bainbridge Island Metro Park and Recreation District, as well as the City of Bainbridge Island, this property was acquired through grants with the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program and Kitsap County’s Conservation Futures Fund. The land was eventually transferred to the Park District. An additional 20 acres adjacent to the park (Meigs Farm) were purchased by the City of Bainbridge Island. The Land Trust holds conservation easements on both Meigs Park and Farm.

Why this property?

Meigs Park and Farm not only offer great scenic beauty from Highway 305 and Koura Road, the property provides a rich, ecosystem including wetlands, forest, native grasslands, ponds, a stream, native plants, and wildlife habitat. This substantial, undeveloped property created a basis for additional conservation projects in the Island’s central core including the Land Trust’s Wildlife Corridor and Wildlife Corridor Expansion properties, the Hilltop connection in the Grand Forest, a number of private conservation easements, and the Forest to Sky trail to Battle Point Park.

Acres Protected

87.28 acres

Conservation Features
  • Scenic & open space values
  • Habitat for migratory birds
  • Stream
  • Wetlands
  • Wildlife habitat