Free Invasive Weed Disposal Days are Here!

Sundays, April 21st and 28th from 10 am to 4 pm. We’re here to help you get your yard in order with two days of FREE Invasive Weed Disposal! Bring your weeds to the transfer station and the Land Trust will cover the cost of disposal.

Invasive plant targets are Scotch broom, English holly, English ivy, Himalayan blackberry, tansy ragwort, English laurel, and the noxious weeds on Kitsap County’s “Noxious Weed” list. Please do not mix in non-invasive yard waste. For questions about whether or not something will be accepted, email Andrew Fraser, Land Trust Stewardship Manager, or call (206) 842-1216.

Invasive plant species are one of the leading causes of vegetation biodiversity loss. They spread quickly and can displace native plants, prevent new native plant growth, and create monocultures. Lack of diversity among native plants reduces the quality and quantity of fish and wildlife habitat. Remove your invasives now while the ground is soft and make room for native plants come fall and winter when the weather is best for planting!

You can also report noxious weeds at Kitsap1 online. The resources listed below may be able to help you identify and manage small instances of noxious weeds on your own. If you have or know of a larger noxious weed infestation, please reach out to Kitsap County’s Noxious Weed Control Program Coordinator, Jade Jarvis, at [email protected].


The Land Trust’s Invasive Weed Primer

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Kitsap County Noxious Weed List 2024

Kitsap County Noxious Weed Service Providers

Bainbridge Island Cooperative Weed Management Area Priority Weeds

A special thanks to Bainbridge Disposal for helping facilitate this important event.