Call for Volunteers – The Seattle Urban Carnivore Project on Bainbridge Island

About the Project

Urban spaces and the suburbs that sprawl around them are growing worldwide, pushing some carnivore species into more remote regions, while forcing others to adapt to higher human densities. Increasing contact between humans and carnivores potentially leads to more human-carnivore interactions and increased concerns about risks to humans, whether real or perceived. The continued survival of urban carnivore populations, as well as a sense of security for the public, requires an increased understanding of, and coexistence with, these species.

Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle University have launched a new project to explore how mammalian carnivores, such as coyotes, foxes, raccoons, bobcats, and even cougars and bears live and interact with people across urban and suburban areas in the Seattle region, and beyond.

Call for Volunteers

Thanks to a grant awarded by the Bainbridge Community Foundation, the Bainbridge Island Land Trust now has the funding needed to provide our community with the opportunity to assist with this exciting initiative. This new program will use camera traps to build off of efforts by the Land Trust – since 2015 – to better understand the use of the Island by wildlife. And we need your help! We’re currently recruiting volunteers to help carry out this project, allowing us to participate in the Seattle Urban Carnivore Project as well as to continue the Land Trust’s efforts to increase our knowledge of all local wildlife species – from squirrels to bears. If you’re interested, please read the assignment descriptions, decide on a role in which you would like to participate, and fill out the form below. Please note that we are currently recruiting field volunteers who are comfortable checking our camera traps in teams of three while following current social-distancing protocols.

We hope to soon announce volunteer opportunities for this project that will allow remote participation.

For complete descriptions of the volunteer roles needed, please click here.

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Camera Trap Images Collected On the Island from Land Trust Properties


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