Breaking Ground at Springbrook Creek Preserve

We have broken ground on our stream restoration project at Springbrook Creek Preserve! We are removing a full fish passage barrier culvert, and enhancing the stream habitat as part of this project. Check out our time-lapse videos of our progress day by day!

Thanks to our partners from Port Madison Enterprises Construction Company, Wild Fish Conservancy, and our dedicated neighbors Jeff Glanzrock and Kathy Levine who are working with us on this project. Thanks too to our dedicated volunteers who helped prepare 800 coir bags of soil that will be used along the streambank as part of restoration efforts. The bags will be placed along the stream, planted, and will help stabilize the bank while vegetation matures.

The goal of the project is to allow fish access to excellent rearing habitat in the preserve, and improve stream habitat on both the preserve and the neighboring property. After the culvert is removed we will install a 30-foot pedestrian bridge over the stream, allowing the creek to flow freely. This bridge will provide public and stewardship access across the stream.

These initiatives reflect our commitment to conserving and restoring our local watersheds through our Watershed Initiative. Due to these ongoing activities, the preserve remains closed to public access. However, we are working towards providing the public with opportunities to enjoy this remarkable place soon. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of this exciting project.

See photos of our hard-working volunteers helping to prepare the site, and a first glimpse at the groundbreaking below (photos by Cameron Karsten):