Annual Noxious Weed Crew Work

Kitsap county noxious weed control crew will be back on Bainbridge Island June  19th-23rd to do our annual noxious weed work along the roadsides and on select private properties. 

Tuesday the 19th and Wednesday the 20th we will focus on posting the road sided in accordance with City code 16.30.06 then posted sites will be treat on Thursday and Friday.  We will work to remove plants via pulling where possible and do spot treatments on sites where needed.   If you have a specific location you would like us to visit please send me the address of the sites you want us to hit along with the weed species!  Private sites will be treated mostly on Wednesday.  Thank you all for your help and your continued efforts to keep noxious weeds managed on the Island. If we were able to get to your site a few weeks ago we may be returning to see how the sites look and to do some follow up treatments.
Our target plants are still poison hemlock, tansy, teasel, Purple loosestrife and knotweed.  If you spot any locations that you would like us to manage please email Dana Coggon at [email protected].