First Wednesday Work Parties

Join us for a First Wednesday Work Party! Meet new people, visit unique conservation lands, and support the Land Trust’s ongoing stewardship efforts!

We spend the first Wednesday of each month performing restoration work on one of our conserved properties – many not normally open to the public. These work parties are a great way to meet other enthusiastic volunteers, perform important restoration work on conserved lands, and do good in the battle against invasive weeds on Bainbridge Island. Work parties take place from 9-11 am.

Typical work party activities might include invasive plant removal, spreading mulch, planting native vegetation, or general property clean-up.

Complete the form below to RSVP, and please contact Fawn with any questions! Driving directions and final details will be sent out on Monday before the event.

Join a Work Party!

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Volunteer Testimonials

“I’m a newcomer to the island, and the work parties have shown me something about its people: they are welcoming and friendly, and have an intense community spirit. I’ve also seen parts of the island I wouldn’t have known about and learned a bit about local ecologies. I’m glad to have joined in on these Wednesday mornings.” – Richard Isomaki

“We learned about the Work Parties after becoming a member of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust, both from the website and a bit more during a welcome phone call from Jane Stone.  The Work Parties offer a way to lend a hand to property owners and [the Land Trust] by supporting stewardship of the land, learn more about Bainbridge Island’s conserved properties, and see first-hand the positive impact of [the Land Trust] on the island.  The Work Parties also offer a great way to meet volunteers and staff, and share in some rewarding hard work.” – James Bingham and William O’dell

“Why work parties? Work parties take me into new forests, wetlands, contours of geography, and boundaries between land and water – reminding me of all the reasons for protecting the environment of this small island we all share. Appropriate name: “work parties.” Pulling, nipping, cutting, planting, watering – whew! They’re great exercise. AND they’re fun because of the other party-goers: good conversation, group effort, gratitude of landowners, and satisfaction of achieving something together for the more-than-human world.” – Hilary Hilscher, former Land Trust Board member