Island-Wide Invasive Weed Clean-up

The Bainbridge Island Land Trust & Let’s Pull Together extends an enormous thank you to the community for supporting the battle against invasive plant species by participating in our Free Invasive Weed Disposal each Sunday in April.

Together, we cleared more than 200 cubic yards of invasive weeds from our island landscapes! That’s a big step forward in improving habitat & water quality, and the health of our ecosystem. Thank you to our partner, Bainbridge Disposal, for helping to provide this opportunity.

Removing invasive plants helps our native plant and animal communities thrive. Invasives are leading cause of native biodiversity loss because they spread quickly, displace native plants, prevent native plant growth, and create monocultures. A healthy plant community is one that has a variety of shrubs, herbs, and trees providing shade, food, and structure that support fish and wildlife.

While spring is the best time for weed removal because the ground is soft and many plants haven’t flowered yet, fall is the best time for planting because rain keeps everything watered. Remember to visit our Native Plant Sale on Saturday, September 23rd and stock up on native plants for your yard and garden!

Thanks for helping us preserve and steward the diverse natural environment of Bainbridge Island for the benefit of all.


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