Introducing Springbrook Creek Preserve!

The Bainbridge Island Land Trust is pleased to announce a fourth conservation opportunity through our Stand for the Land campaign. The 23-acre Springbrook Creek Preserve contains a resplendent landscape of mixed conifer uplands and stream-side alder forests. Flowering wild ginger, foamflower, and abundant salmonberry grace the banks of Springbrook Creek – one of the finest fish habitats on the Island. The forests and wetlands play a key role in providing cool, clear, and consistently flowing water in the creek for local wildlife including birds, mammals, and amphibians. This conservation area was selected after completing a multi-year stream assessment, assisted by local landowners and the Wild Fish Conservancy.

The Springbrook Creek Preserve is the kind of property that makes Bainbridge Island an extraordinary place to live. Thanks to an incredible new challenge grant we have the power to protect this special place, together. A remarkably generous group of Islanders has come forward with $1,000,000 to match every dollar the Land Trust raises for Stand for the Land between now and Spring 2020. If we are successful in matching the full $1 million, Stand for the Land will get a $2,000,000 boost toward completing the original fundraising goal. Learn more!

To date, Stand for the Land has placed down payments on three properties in addition to the Springbrook Creek Preserve: the 14-acre Jablonko Preserve, adjacent to the Gazzam Lake Nature Preserve; the 15-acre Cougar Creek Preserve, located between Blakely Avenue and Old Mill Road; and the 13-acre Miller-Kirkman Preserve in Little Manzanita Bay. The Bainbridge Island Land Trust has helped protect over 1,400 acres during its 31 year history.