Camera Trap Studies

Shedding Light on the Secret Lives of Wildlife

Since 2014 the Land Trust has used camera traps on select properties to better understand the use of Island habitat by wildlife. Knowing what species occur on our properties helps us to tailor management to support those species.

These efforts include studies by UW capstone students overseen by Land Trust staff in 2015 and 2019, where camera traps were placed on the Land Trust’s Wildlife Corridor and BIMPRD Meigs Park and Farm properties. The project was implemented under the supervision of Conservation Director Brenda Padgham, Conservation Project Lead Gina King, and former Board member Deb Rudnick. These studies found that wildlife use and species diversity were lower on trails used by people than they were away from human disturbance, and it appeared that animals might avoid those human trails especially during the day. Learn more about the study and explore the results through the resources available in the sidebar.

Recently, in 2021, the Land Trust announced the opportunity to expand the Seattle Urban Carnivore Project on Bainbridge Island, thanks to a grant awarded by the Bainbridge Community Foundation. The project, led by staff members from the Land Trust, the Woodland Park Zoo, and Land Trust volunteers, is currently underway, with camera traps placed on three Land Trust properties.

Enjoy some of the wildlife images captured through these efforts through the gallery below.