Rockaway Beach Park


Rockaway Beach Park

In 2002, Land Trust identified the Rockaway Beach shoreline property as a prospective conservation property. The Land Trust and its volunteers helped to negotiate an option agreement with the landowner, and provided legal support in the negotiations, working in partnership with the City of Bainbridge Island’s Open Space Commission. The City purchased the property using levy funding, eventually transferring it to the BI Metro Park and Recreation District which owns and manages this park. This beachfront park has sweeping views of Seattle and the Cascade mountains, and contains wetlands and saltwater shoreline near Blakely Harbor. Picnickers have access to a table and benches, while divers can use a stairway for scuba diving access to Blakely Harbor North Point and Blakely Rock. Low tides provide excellent marine life viewing.

The City’s Open Space Commission was established in 2001 by City ordinance to recommend specific properties for preservation to the Bainbridge Island City Council. Funds to protect these open spaces, which included natural areas and farmlands, came from an $8 million levy approved by voters in 2001. The Open Space Commission’s work ended in May 2007 and resulted in over 800 acres of public lands for parks and farms.

Acres Protected

1.3 acres

Conservation Features
  • Coastal ecosystem
  • Tidepools and beach
  • Scenic & open space values