A 15-acre acquisition that safeguards nearly 13 acres of intact forest in the heart of the Island and establishes an exciting new partnership between the Land Trust and Housing Resources Bainbridge to create necessary affordable housing alongside conserved habitat.

Land Trust/HRB Partnership FAQ

The Bainbridge Island Land Trust is committed to conserving and stewarding the diverse natural environments of Bainbridge Island for the benefit of all. This includes a commitment to equitable access to nature for everyone.

Our actions ensure that the most important ecological attributes of the Lovgreen parcels will be permanently conserved and enhanced as natural open space. At the same time, we are embracing an opportunity for two leading community organizations to step forward in partnership to advance conservation and community housing needs.

Why did the Land Trust Acquire this Property?

  • The Land Trust uses a rigorous scientific approach to identify properties with great ecological value. The Island lost its old-growth forests to logging in the 1800s, and most properties we consider for protection have areas within them that have been more recently developed or disturbed. This influences our decision about how to proceed, including whether restoration is feasible and practical.  The Land Trust believes that long-term recovery of mature forest habitat is vital to sustain our Island’s wildlife networks and local species. The Lovgreen property first came to our attention because of its significant acreage of forest within a large contiguous band of relatively intact forestland.  Although some restoration action is needed across these parcels to counter past management impacts, we observed that a portion of the property closest to Lovgreen Road is younger, more significantly disturbed by human activities, and of less ecological value than the more sheltered forest areas away from the road.
  • As a community organization, the Land Trust is aware that affordable housing availability is an urgent concern on Bainbridge Island. The Board approved reaching out to Housing Resources Bainbridge (HRB) for a potential partnership opportunity. Without this partnership in place, the Land Trust likely would not have utilized its limited resources to protect these parcels. Under this partnership, and to simplify the acquisition, the Land Trust acquired the entire property and HRB is agreeing to purchase the more recently impacted and degraded portion from the Land Trust. This allows the Land Trust to focus our conservation dollars on protecting lands with highest conservation values, while fostering a partnership with another respected non-profit organization dedicated to our community’s resilience.


How did the Land Trust Acquire this Property?

Fair market value was paid to willing sellers who were aware of and supportive of our goals for the property, including the affordable housing partnership.


Why Partner with Housing Resources Bainbridge (HRB)?

HRB, as a Community Land Trust, shares our commitment to equitable access to nature and sustainable development. Partnering with them enables us to combine conservation efforts with affordable housing initiatives, promoting both environmental conservation and social equity. The Bainbridge Island Land Trust (BILT) and HRB have long considered partnering on a project that would combine conservation with affordable housing. There was a time when the two objectives might have appeared antithetical. But we believe that prudent land use can advance both these goals and that both are essential to the health of our community.


Does this Partnership Align with the Land Trust's Mission?

  • Our mission is to conserve and steward the diverse natural environments of Bainbridge Island for the benefit of all.  Our 2021-2025 strategic plan envisions a future in which healthy natural systems support diverse and thriving populations of native plants and wildlife. Where people value the natural world and feel inspired by and compelled to care for their surroundings. Where conservation is the work of diverse community partners and is inclusive, equitable, and just. And where Bainbridge Island’s natural ecosystems and community remain resilient and a special place to live, work, and play for generations to come. This partnership with HRB is a reflection of these goals.
  • We are committed to providing all community members with equitable access to green spaces. Clustering housing near some protected areas is a way to preserve natural habitats while meeting housing needs.
  • The lots are zoned R0.4 which means one unit per every 2.5 acres.  Six new homes plus ADUs could be built across all lots, detrimentally impacting the high conservation valued forest.  Instead of development impacts across the entire 15 acres, there now might be clustered development on the lower conservation valued portion of the property, leaving the remaining 12+ acres protected in perpetuity.


How Protected are the Conservation Lands the Land Trust Owns?

The Land Trust’s acquisitions involve purchasing lands of high conservation value for restoration and permanent protection. This is our defining goal as an organization and our primary work. These lands are protected in perpetuity through a variety of mechanisms such as deed restrictions, tax status, conservation easements, and long-term management plans.


Has the Land Trust Previously Sold Land or Partnered on Properties where Development Existed or Subsequently Occurred?

  • The Land Trust has temporarily owned properties with low conservation value that generous donors gifted to the Land Trust with the intent that we sell and utilize the revenue to conserve higher conservation value natural areas elsewhere.
  • There may also be situations where sellers wish to see development occur on their lands. In these situations, the Land Trust may negotiate with these owners to protect the highest quality conservation area and determine a plan where the development would occur within a smaller footprint of the least conservation value lands.
  • Visit our Quitsland Preserve page to learn more about a past example of this partnership that resulted in newly protected conservation lands.


Can my Donated Funds be Used for Development?

All funds donated to the Land Trust for conservation and habitat protection are solely dedicated to that purpose. We have strict financial controls and accounting standards to ensure donor dollars are utilized for their intended purposes. The acquisition of a small portion of these lands for development of affordable housing will be funded separately through HRB.


How and When will the Specific Plan for Affordable Housing at the Property be Developed?

The plan for affordable housing development will be created by HRB, and will adhere to sustainable practices and ensure integration with the natural surroundings. Timelines and specifics will be communicated as the project progresses. Additional information regarding the work of HRB on this effort can be found on their website.


How Can I Support the Bainbridge Island Land Trust?



Additionally, there are 9.5 acres of conserved lands on adjacent private property, bringing the total contiguous conserved acres to 22.5.

Please note that the Preserve is not currently open to the public – access to the property is limited to Land Trust tours at this time.

Acres Protected

22.5 acres

Conservation Features
  • Contiguous Forest Habitat
  • Wildlife network
  • Climate Resilience
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