Current Acquisition Projects

We have three exciting opportunities in 2017 to help ensure the health and vitality of the beloved Grand Forest ecosystem and trail network for generations to come. These include the the 5-acre Croker acquisition, the 15-acre Andreasen acquisition and the 10-acre Soutter acquisition. Help us reach our goal by making a donation today.

Making the Grand Forest Grander

Protecting Issei Creek: the 5-acre Croker Property

This parcel is part of the Issei Creek Watershed. An important fish stream flows from the Grand Forest through this property. On its way to Fletcher Bay, the stream corridor and surrounding wetlands provide habitat for birds, mammals, and aquatic life. By purchasing this conservation land, we remove the potential of development within this fragile habitat and protect the southern edge of the Grand Forest–forever!

Expanding the Wildlife Corridor: the 15-acre Andreasen Property

This property preserves ecologically rich wetlands, vital habitat, a pond, and mixed forest while expanding the Land Trust-owned existing 20-acre Wildlife Corridor. The expansion enables the Land Trust to connect the East Grand Forest with Meigs Park and Meigs Farm, which are important preserved lands protected by conservation easements.

Going deep in the woods: the 10-acre Soutter Property

To those walking the existing east-west trail from Mandus Olson into the southwest Grand Forest, this parcel seems to be a part of the Grand Forest. It’s not, but it needs to be! Otherwise, as many as four homes could be constructed deep in these woods. The property contains wetlands, an intermittent stream, and dense forest — providing wildlife habitat and great visual beauty for those walking along its borders.

Walks on Bainbridge

by Dave and Alice Shorett

Discover 21 different walking routes on scenic Bainbridge Island, varying from one mile to round trips of 10 miles and more. Maps, specific directions, distances and descriptions for each walk allow walkers of all ages to enjoy the trails and backroads of the Island.

All proceeds from the book benefit the Land Trust. Contact us to purchase.

We need your help. Please consider making a donation today.

Contributions will help us expand, protect and preserve ecologically sensitive habitat. For everyone. Forever.

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