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The Bainbridge Island Land Trust protects and preserves private property as well as acquires land for parks and trails.
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The Bainbridge Island Land Trust protects and preserves private property as well as acquires land for parks and trails.

Private Easements

Easement landowners & properties are listed below, based upon year recorded. These properties are not open to the public. Please respect the owners' privacy.

Miller Road Farm (1990)
This pastoral property sits on 22.93 acres on the corner of Highway 305 and Day Road.

Battle Point LLC (The Young Family) (1990)
3.44 acres of a large sand spit at Battle Point on the west side of the Island.

Heron Rookery (Dwight Sutton, Jonathan Markowitz, Sarah Nicholson, Clay and Tijen Hotchkiss, Rebecca (Larson) Lathe (1991-1992)
4 easements encompassing a total of 9.82 acres of nesting trees, farm property, and ponds.

James Cutler (1991)
1 acre tidelands and shoreline protection on the west side of the Island.

Rick and Maryann Kirkby (1992)
10 acre property above Eagle Harbor which includes rolling, open meadows and forest.

Broom Street Preservation LLC (The Powel Family) (1993)
11.8 acre Port Madison site includes shoreline, a pond and a saltwater swimming pool.

Bart and Esme Freedman (1993)
Formerly the Sundem property adjacent to the Parcheski/Ryherd easement, now 5.31 acres, after a 2.19 acre portion of Sundem eased property sold to the Ryherd-Parcheski Family.  This property features rolling hay fields and forest.

Howard and Rachel Croker (1995)
Originally the homestead of the Miller family, this 10 acre property abuts the Grand Forest off Miller Road and includes a part of Issei Creek.

Thomas and Luanne Croker (1995)
5 acre property abuts the Grand Forest and includes a part of Issei Creek, and is contiguous to the Howard and Rachel Croker easement.

Grimm-Draper A & B (1996)
These two eased properties, parts of the original Grimm/Draper conservation easement, total 1.1 acres in the Rolling Bay area includes second growth conifers. 

Raymond and Ruth Miles (1996)
Formerly part of the Grimm/Draper property, this 5.53 acre parcel in the Rolling Bay area includes second growth conifers.  

Stan Miller (1996)
Formerly the Salisbury property, this 7.5 acre parcel features mixed mature forests, a pond, and wetlands.

Bart & Dana Berg (1996)
Forested 7.5 acre property in a stream corridor that empties into Murden Cove and is near the Mandus Olson part of the East Grand Forest.

Thomas Zumbroich & Barbara von Tobel (1998)
Formerly the Stollman property, this 8 acre property features forest and pasture lands.

Thomas and Suellen Cunningham (1998)
5 acre property abuts the East (Mandus Olson part) of the GrandForest.

Sunrise Wetland (1999)
5.4 acre thriving fresh water wetland is owned by the Harding and Brown families.

Anonymous (1999)
Formerly the Thornburgh property, this 4.6 acre easement protects forest and wildlife habitat.

Bucklin Hill Woods (2000)
48.89 acres in total, developer John Green divided this property into varying sized parcels, currently owned by Karen and Rick Whitten, Rick and Edie Sine, Elizabeth Goodfellow, and Frank and Mary Stowell. The property is a rich ecosystem of forest, wetlands and streams.

Anonymous (2000)
Donated by the Clark-Holt family in 2000, 6.4 acre beachfront property protects majestic evergreens.

Vince & Kay Mattson (2000)
7.7 acre property includes Murden Cove waterfront and upland forest.

Rob Ferguson and Kia Micaud (2000)
2.5 acre property includes a mature forest, a stream, and associated wetlands.

Keith Buckingham and Shoshanna Kirk (2001)
Formerly the Gens property, this 8.28 acre property on the north end of the island provides a wildlife and waterfowl habitat of ponds, meadows, and forest.

Anonymous (2001)
Donated by Arlene Hobbs in 2001, this property is contiguous to the Peters Tree Farm Addition to the Gazzam Lake Preserve, this easement protects 2.76 acres of forest and native vegetation.

Olympic Terrace Water System Association (2002)
1.05 acre property has 86 feet of low bank shoreline on MazanitaBay and is jointly owned by residences in the area.

Steve and Lorraine Ekholm (2002)
A 7.11 acre property contains a historic home situated among an orchard, forested wetland, a seasonal stream, and EagleHarbor shoreline/tidelands.

Tom Goodlin and Cestjon McFarland (2003)
4.52 acre parcel contains wetlands, second growth forest, and streams surrounding the home.

Bob and Nancy Fortner (2003)
Contiguous to the GrandForest, this 10 acre property features a seasonal stream, pond and second growth trees.

John and Karen de Chadenedes (2004)
7.41 acre property includes second growth forest and seasonal wetlands.

Anonymous (2005)
1.1 acres, forested, native growth in Winslow.

Anonymous (2007)
5.05 acres of pasture and forest on Toe Jam Hill.

Anonymous (2007)
4.88 acres that host a stream, pond, mixed forest, and open meadow contiguous with the conservation easement on the Kallgren Addition to the Ted Olson Preserve.

Eric and Caroline Stevens (2010)
2.94 acres of forested wetlands with a year-round stream, this property is bordered by the Grand Forest East, the public multi-use McRedmond Trail, and BILT's Fortner/SweetLife Farm conservation easement.

William C. Carlson (2015)
21 acres of forested wetlands hosting the headwaters of Miemois Creek in the Manzanita Bay watershed, this property is adjacent to the BIMPRD-owned and managed Forest to Sky Trail.

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